About Us

Following the Local Government Reorganisation  in 1974, Bedwas and Machen Urban District Council was disbanded but the remaining Members successfully to establisha new Community Council – Bedwas, Trethomas and Machen.  It retained the Urban District Council Offices, so elected Councillors can truly represent the people of BTM at a local level.

Bedwas, Trethomas and Machen (BTM) Community Council is one of eighteen community councils in Caerphilly County Borough and is a corporate body. It is separate from Caerphilly County Borough Council and Welsh Government. See here for the BTM Community Council Boundary maps

The Council’s prime concern is to the ensure the voice of local people is heard in the democratic process and endeavour to keep in touch with residents and to assist when they need advice, both individually and collectively. Please see contact details for the Clerk and Councillors

The Council  achieves its aims through discussion and resultant decisions subject to public scrutiny. It is a transparent organisation answerable to the Community.